Liberal Democratic Party Officer Personnel 2F Secretary-General “Efforts to Reform the Constitution with the Party” September 11, 12:18

Following the appointment of the Liberal Democratic Party officers, the new executive department held a press conference, and the reappointed secretary-in-chief of the second floor showed his intention to make efforts to reform the constitution with the party. In addition, concerning the extension of Prime Minister Abe's term of office of the LDP President, he said, “I want to support when Prime Minister Abe has decided.”

Second floor secretary-general “Promotion of party with stability and challenge in mind”

“We want to continue to operate the party with stability and challenges in mind. The party and the cabinet will unite as a whole, and we will continue to produce results. "Said.

In addition, regarding the constitutional amendment, “Prime Minister Abe has always been willing to amend the constitution. I would like to continue my humility and listen to how the people think every time I have an opportunity. "

On the other hand, regarding the extension of Prime Minister Abe's term of office of the LDP president, he said, “If Prime Minister Abe has decided, he wants to support the party in a way that is in line with the public's intentions.”

Suzuki General Affairs Chairman "Finally, it will be integrated into one."

“The General Affairs Committee is the party's decision-making body, and the responsibility of the General Affairs Chairman is heavy. I want to hit it. "

Regarding the constitutional amendment, he said, “If discussions are held in the Diet and a proposal is made, it is necessary to authorize as a party.

Mr. Kishida, Chairman “I want to increase the consumption tax rate smoothly”

“I want to smoothly raise the consumption tax rate. I know that I am thinking of launching a new conference in the government, and the party will not discuss the future of social security.” I ca n’t. ”

Furthermore, regarding the constitutional amendment, he said, “The understanding and cooperation of the people is the most important. The politics should discuss the constitution and make the flow of the people themselves thinking about the constitution.”

Mr. Kishida was asked by the reporters about the efforts for "Post Abe", and said, "What kind of future I am thinking about, how I think about Japan's tomorrow, and an attitude that firmly appeals such points. I want to take care of it. "

Chairman Shimomura elected "Efforts to expand party power"

“In addition to the alternate election of the House of Councilors Saitama constituency, there will also be a Tokyo governor ’s election next year, and the House of Representatives is also a permanent battlefield. I want to make an effort to contribute to

In addition, based on his role as the head of the party's constitutional reform promotion headquarters, he said, “As one of the four members of the party, I would like to make an effort so that the constitutional debate can take place.”

Regarding the response to the Tokyo Governor Election, “The LDP's Tokyo Metropolitan Government is currently holding a selection committee that holds candidates. Judgment of correspondence as ".