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Juanjo C.'s life was extinguished in 1996 when he was barely 15 years old. A motorcycle accident caused a severe head injury that condemned him to remain in a coma for nine months in a hospital. After that period he woke up and started a rehabilitation program with which he made great progress. He managed to articulate words and took his first steps with the help of an articulated walking system.

However, after three months and despite his progress, his rehabilitation program was canceled and he was prevented from accessing a speech therapist and a speech therapist. As his family lacked the sufficient amount to cover personalized attention in a private hospital, the hemiplegic was admitted to a residence with a place subsidized by the Administration - a private place with provision to the residence service. Currently, the Department of Equality pays the residence 969.11 euros every month and the other party is covered with the orphan's pension of 850 euros assigned.

From that moment on, his health has been declining and currently, after 21 years, the patient with brain damage suffers a total dependence for all the basic activities of life. He cannot live without help and is granted a disability of 97% .

However, despite his constant physical degeneration, his family criticizes that much of the time he is kept "tied to the bed by the only arm in which he has mobility and looking at a closet, as if it were a vegetable . " Juanjo C. also suffers spastic tetraparesis of left predominance, psychomotor agitation and a history of tracheostomy.

In the last analyzes that his relatives have received on the levels of general biochemistry it has been detected that the resident is in a situation of malnutrition , which according to his caregivers is caused by the difficulty that exists to give him the food and that puts resistance to ingest food.

The poor state of Juanjo C. "further deteriorates his physique and the lack of specific care accelerates his chronic and degenerative process," says one of his brothers, who recalls that immobility systematically causes ulcers and sores to appear on the legs and legs. the back of the affected by brain damage.

To this problem, we now add that Igualdad has moved Juanjo C. to a residence located in Barx (next to Gandía) - in a mountainous area - while the family lives in the city of Valencia and suffers from displacement problems. An impediment that has spaced the visits of the mother and the brothers Juanjo C.

«We want to make a public appeal to the person responsible for the social policy of the Valencian Administration (Vice President Monica Oltra ) to assume that families with people suffering from immobility must be aware of their status. And that it becomes a condemnation to force us to travel more than 60 kilometers to be able to be with our relative for the necessary time and monitor whether he is well attended or not, ”describes the hemiplegic brother.

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