Two years ago SVT made an impact on the first students who graduated from the subject teacher program. The program was launched in 2011, and unlike the preschool teacher program and the elementary teacher program, the student immerses himself in two subjects. When the program started at Mälardalen University there were 100 study places to apply, but the interest was cool and only 30 people started the education.

"It looks like three of these will graduate," said Pia Lindberg, academic director at Mälardalen University, in an interview with SVT 2017.

Two years later

Now, two years later, the university has reduced the number of places on the program and the throughput has become somewhat larger, but it is still low. In 2013, 45 students started the program and five years later, 17 graduated.

- But during such a long five-year education, a lot can happen. For example, students become pregnant, take a break or enter another education, says Pia Lindberg.

Compared to other teacher programs

But when compared to the other teacher programs at Mälardalen University, the throughput is high and most of them take a degree.

- There are students who come into a subject teacher program who really wanted to enter the elementary teacher program or preschool teacher program and then you take the subject teacher program as another alternative and you do not realize that it requires a lot of you in the subject studies.

Do you not need to communicate better to the students what the program means?

- We try to do it in different ways, that in the subject teacher program there are many subject studies.