Police are very interested in hearing the man arrested on suspicion of the murder of a 70-year-old man in Markaryd. Since there are indications, among other things, that he and the other man suspected of the murder were seen in the area the same morning as the 80-year-old disappeared.

- We do mast clearings to check who called in the area and if they had their phones connected, says Johann Kristiansson.

Police have still not found the car belonging to the murdered 70-year-old, which the two men are suspected to have stolen, and which was also seen in Malå municipality.

- If the car is found, we want to do a technical examination of it to see if we find any traces there after the man, says Johann Kristiansson.

"Very interested in the details"

They are also waiting to hear the arrested man and it may be relevant for the police in Västerbotten to go down to Småland for the hearing.

- We will consult with colleagues if they can assist with the questions we want answers to, but if they have full up we go down, says Johann Kristiansson and continues:

- We are very interested in the details of how, when and where they have been. And find out what they did when they were here. They should not be heard as suspicious, but this can be changed quickly if we make new findings.

The police are no longer actively searching for the 80-year-old. In connection with the moose hunt, Missing people invited hunters to keep their eyes open in the forest - but so far no information has been obtained about the man or his bike.

- It makes it even more strange that you can't find him. We stand and fall on whether or not new information comes in, says Johann Kristiansson.