North Korea announced that it had carried out a test of launching a very large rocket gun again, September 11th 6:35

North Korea's state-run media announced in the morning of the 11th that it had conducted a test on the launch of the “very large rocket gun” on the 10th in the presence of the chairman of the Korean Labor Party.

After the launch, Chairman Kim said, “The trajectory and accuracy of the orbital flight of the rocket gun, and the precise guidance function were finally verified.”

In addition, the state-run media said Kim has revealed a policy for achieving the goal by raising production of tactical guided weapons such as “super large rocket guns”.

In the photo released by the state-owned media, the flying object launched from the mobile launch pad is rising while raising an orange flame.

The Korean army announced on the 10th that North Korea had fired two flying bodies in the east direction from Pyong An South Road in the west, and the announcement of North Korea's Kusa seems to point to this launch.