“Obviously, Bolton’s departure is only a matter of time. Stephen Bannon did not get along, Tillerson, McMaster, Bolton the same and many others. It is clear that this team has already begun to shake a second time. When he came with the original team, there wasn’t even a trace of it. The second cycle begins, ”Blokhin explained.

According to the expert, it is obvious that on many issues, Trump and Bolton simply disagreed.

“Bolton led super-aggressive rhetoric about Iran, Russia ... When Trump softened his stance on North Korea, Bolton continued to make militant statements. It is clear that some resonance was felt. After all, the president determines foreign policy, ”he added.

Blokhin believes that the new national security adviser should be super loyal and super competent.

“Afghanistan in the United States is Zalmay Khalilzad, a former US representative to the UN, a professional, may well take this position. The same Elliot Abrams is engaged in the Venezuelan direction, a man quite well-known in circles. But there must be not only a professional and loyal, partly in spirit close to Trump, one who would not sympathize with any US military intervention in the world, would not step on the same rake as Bolton, ”the expert concluded.

Trump said earlier that he had dismissed Bolton.

He thanked Bolton for his work, noting that he would give the name of the new National Security Advisor next week.