The number of beneficiaries of marriage grants since the beginning of this year until the end of last August, 1448 beneficiaries have received 101 million and 360 thousand dirhams, aid has been disbursed to young people who are getting married, according to statistics announced by the Ministry of Community Development, in order to achieve community cohesion, through Developing integrated policies and providing distinctive and innovative social services.

Wahida Khalil Darwish, Director of the Ministry's Marriage Grants Department, confirmed that the marriage grant reflects the leadership's keenness to build a stable and balanced family, and the government's vision to maintain cohesive families and a cohesive society, pointing out that the marriage grants provided by the ministry to young people coming to marriage, fall The first is to provide financial support to help young people financially to meet the costs of marriage and to secure the requirements of the marriage, and the second is the awareness side, which is of great importance, where the ministry has undertaken to educate couples to aspects of family life after marriage, and how to build families Safe and stable.

She said that marriage grants aim to provide financial support for those who are getting married, in order to contribute to the formation of a cohesive and stable Emirati family, and to achieve the vision of a cohesive society, based on the conditions and controls of the grant, which contributes to encourage marriage to citizens.

She explained that the financial grant provided by the Ministry to young couples contributed to the construction of Emirati families away from the banking obligations, which often constitute an obsession with the young people who marry, and also contributed to strengthening the cohesion of the UAE family, and instill the values ​​of loyalty and belonging to this country, which allowed to Our young people are all supportive, in order to form a happy and stable family away from the high cost and boast, with the aim of family stability.