US President Donald Trump fired John Bolton, who served as national security adviser. The American leader said this on his Twitter, noting that the reason for the dismissal was the disagreement between the head of state and the adviser.

“Last night, I informed John Bolton that the White House no longer needed his services. Like many employees of the administration, I strongly disagreed with many of his proposals and in this regard asked John to resign. This morning I received a statement from him. I express my great gratitude to him for his work, ”the Trump message on the social network says.

The American president also added that he would name his new national security adviser next week.

“Last night I suggested resigning, and President Trump said,“ We’ll discuss this tomorrow, ”Bolton in turn tweeted.

So far, Bolton’s deputy Charlie Kapperman will become Trump’s National Security Advisor.

John Bolton became National Security Advisor to the U.S. President in April 2018. Prior to this, General Herbert MacMaster held the position. As reported by RIA Novosti, he resigned from his post due to disagreements with the president over policies regarding Russia, Iran and the DPRK.

Bolton himself enjoyed a reputation as a hawk and advocated tough and uncompromising political decisions. In this regard, his political activities were often criticized by other American politicians.

"He tried to make a coup in Venezuela, and then for two days he tried to create a war, an excuse for a war with Iran ... John Bolton is an incredibly dangerous person who puts people around the world, including Americans, at great risk," said Virginia US Senator Richard Black in June 2019.

In May 2019, Trump announced that he was holding back the militant nature of his national security adviser.

“He has a tough stance on the situation, but that's fine. Honestly, I hold back (tem. - RT ) John, which is quite surprising, ”the Politico quoted the American president.

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It is worth noting that, according to several media reports, Bolton’s statements often contradicted the words of President Trump himself. For example, this concerned the issue of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria - the American leader actively advocated such a step. In December 2018, the White House announced that the United States, by order of the president, had begun withdrawing troops from the Arab Republic. However, already in January, John Bolton said that the course of this process will depend on "the goals that we (USA. - RT ) want to achieve." To these goals, the presidential adviser ranked the defeat of the terrorist group IG * and the protection of the Kurds.

Some media outlets indicated that Bolton had received too broad powers and was already pursuing his own policies. In particular, Newsweek announced this, calling the national security adviser “President Bolton” for the influence on the international agenda that he had.

Expert opinion

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov believes that the resignation of Bolton is a positive step. According to him, the presidential adviser pushed the United States to aggressive actions in the international arena.

“Bolton is a hawk and an unconditional conductor of the brutal anti-Russian course, an adversary of all progressive regimes. He is the initiator of many aggressive United States foreign policy decisions. In fact, it was the former adviser who dragged Donald Trump into a confrontation with the legally elected heads of state of Latin America, ”the deputy told RT.

In addition, Bolton’s dismissal will provide Trump with the opportunity to revise the US course in a number of foreign policy areas, Novikov believes.

“For Donald Trump, Bolton’s departure is a chance to disown a number of US foreign policy failures and save face. Of course, it’s too early to deceive yourself. But such a signal is not bad in itself. And if this will contribute to adequate rotation, then some adjustments in the Russian direction are possible, ”the politician concludes.

In many ways, Trump supported Bolton in order to maintain a balance of interests between the two American parties, Konstantin Blokhin, an expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told RT. However, now, with the strengthening of his position, the American president intends to move to a less rigid political course, he is sure.

“Bolton led super-aggressive rhetoric regarding the same Iran, Russia. When Trump softened his stance on North Korea, Bolton continued to make warlike statements. It is clear that some resonance was felt. Trump has strengthened his position, especially after the Mueller report turned out to be a soap bubble. The new adviser should be super-lazy, partly super-competent, super-professional, ”Blokhin believes.

The same opinion is shared by political analyst Alexander Asafov. The next person in this post will be a supporter of softer policies, the expert said.

“The fact is that Trump enters the election campaign as a peacemaker, and any attachment to toxic power figures from the point of view of his reputation is disadvantageous to him. The president understands this. I suppose a Republican who looks like a Democrat, a man with peace-loving rhetoric, will take the place of adviser. He will not be a man of the world, but he will pretend to be. If Bolton threatened, then this one will exhort and offer peaceful options, ”Asafov said in an interview with RT.

* “Islamic State” (IG) - the organization was recognized as terrorist by decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 29, 2014.