Jens Fischer, municipal council for Independent Realists, takes the criticism calmly.

- The Social Democrats had their own majority before and the decisions were usually made before they went into the municipal council, then it was just to push through them, he says.

Municipal political history

In the election a year ago, municipal political history was written in Hagfors where the Social Democrats had their own majority.

It became a giant for them and the new party Independent Realists became the biggest party. Now they control a minority, which means they need support from other parties to get through their policies.

"Looking for a change"

Daniel Olausson, who is a local editor at Värmland's Folkblad in Hagfors, says that the social-democratic race comes after people's dissatisfaction after the referendum on the advisory school, whose results the party did not follow.

- The common man was a little craving for a change. I think many felt that they were not listened to because of the results of the referendum.

He says that today there is much more politics and discussion before the decisions in the municipality than it was before.

- The Social Democrats sat with their own majority and regardless of whether the opposition seemed to be anything else, it hardly mattered, he says.

Jens Fischer says there were several reasons for the power shift in Hagfors.

- Changes are always needed, regardless of business. People wanted something new. It's also a lot about people, we got a lot of people votes compared to the Social Democrats, he says.

Frustrated and a little worried

Tomas Pettersson (S) makes no secret that he is disappointed with the election results.

- It's a little frustrating when you can't be involved and influence the way you do when you're in a municipality.

His explanation for the success of Independent Realists is their ability to market themselves.

- This was something new and Independent Realists are fantastic at marketing themselves.

He says he believes the reality will come to them.

- I'm a little worried, like we have no straight line on how to fix the economy, we have many challenges and big investments ahead of us.

Tough task

Daniel Olausson describes it as a difficult task to cope with the financial situation in the municipality.

- It is starting to look tough considering that older homes will be built, you have a bath house to be renovated, you build a school and look at how the schools can be developed even more ... the big challenge is to be able to keep the welfare up , he says.

Jens Fischer says the party is looking forward and hopes to continue to be a power factor in Hagfors policy.

- Absolutely, that's the goal.

He believes that new parties will emerge in other municipalities in the same way as in Hagfors.

- This is coming more and more, we must focus on factual policy.

While Tomas Pettersson believes the Social Democrats should rise and take power back at the next election.

- In the long run, it takes responsibility for the whole. Rock 'n' roll lasts a while, but not by extension.