Google has announced the introduction of new settings for the application "YouTube Kids" for videos dedicated to children, so that the opportunity for parents to determine the content that their children watch by age.

The American company explained that parents have three options:

- Preschool age (up to four years) and displays only videos that encourage creative thinking, learning and exploration.

- Age range from 5 to 7 years, presents music clips or cartoon films.

- The last stage of 8 to 12 years, children can also find videos about games or scientific topics, but parents can completely disable the search function to restrict content.

YouTube Kids allows you to filter and not display content that is inappropriate for children. However, it's not unlikely that our algorithms will mistake and display some inappropriate videos.

If parents notice that such inappropriate content is displayed, they can block it and report it if necessary; platform staff review and delete the video.

A new capability is also to make the platform available in the browser on