Iwate Prefecture Governor Election Takuya Tatsumasa, the 4th party opposition nominee, is sure to be the fourth winner September 8th 20:00

In the Iwate governor's election, which became the composition of the ruling and opposition party confrontation, Takuya Tatsumasa (55), incumbent recommended by the 4 opposition parties, restrained the newcomers recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Iwate Prefectural Headquarters. Did.

The vote for the Iwate governor's election was closed at 8pm.

In an exit survey conducted on the NHK situation interviews and voted voters, Mr. Tatsumas, who was a non-affiliated incumbent and recommended by the Constitutional Democratic Party, the National Democratic Party, the Communist Party, and the Social Democratic Party, was an unaffiliated new member of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party. Mr. Tatsumasu's fourth election was assured because Mr. Oikawa, a former member of the Iwate Prefectural Assembly, recommended by the Iwate Prefectural Headquarters, was greatly separated and is expected to increase the number of votes in the future.

Mr. Tatsumasu is 55 years old from Morioka City. After serving as a member of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a member of the House of Representatives, he was elected for the first time in the 2007 Iwate governor election.

In the election campaign, Mr. Tatsumasu ▽ completed the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake at an early stage, ▽ ILC = attracted a huge experimental facility called an international linear collider, and ▽ established a unique index of "happiness" Appealed to tackle population decline and industrial development.

As a result, Mr. Tatsumasu has solidified the support group of the four opposition parties that have been recommended, and also expanded support to the non-partisan group that does not have a support party of the Liberal Democratic Party or a support political party, ensuring the fourth election. did.