The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai has decided to link the date of renewal of residence permit for the concerned residents of Dubai to the validity of the Sanad Card issued by the Community Development Authority in Dubai, as well as to the renewal of the sponsor's residence permit, as part of the joint work between the two parties to develop The services provided to the various categories and segments of the society, after the renewal of the residence annually, and renewed provided that a new medical report.

Maryam Al Hammadi, Director of the Community Development Authority in Dubai, told the Emirates Today that the Department responded to the immediate action and amendment of the procedures, after the Authority offered her the case of a young person who was over 18 years old. He renewed his residency every year, which put a huge burden on his family. ”

Al-Hammadi added: «The young man's family resorted to the Commission to find a solution in the problem of renewal of residence, as it is forced to do medical examinations in full, and get a medical report confirming the existence of a disability with the young man, to be attached with the application for renewal of residence, although he holds a card (Sanad ) For people of determination that are clear proof of the existence of a disability ».

She confirmed that coordination was immediately made with the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, based on the parents' visit to the Authority to seek help, in order to solve the problem of the young man, which was faced by others who have the same conditions.

Al Hammadi praised the cooperation of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, and took an urgent decision to solve the problem of the young man, and amend the procedures and circulate them to all cases, after confirming through the Department of People of Determination in the Authority to meet the Sanad card of legal and information requirements that qualify it to be sufficient document. On the basis of the renewal of residence for the individual of the people of determination, without the need to issue a new medical report, noting that the amendment also provides for the granting of residence to the individual of the people of concern with the validity of the residence of the sponsor itself.

Al Hammadi stressed that the Dubai Community Development Authority does not issue a Sanad card, except according to a report issued by the medical committee at the Dubai Health Authority, which conducts all required tests to confirm the person's condition and determine the type of disability.

She continued: «Sanad card is an official document documenting the status of the people of concern, and denies any possibility of the existence of false information on the status of individuals in this important community group», pointing out that the Community Development Authority launched the smart card Sanad to identify the owners of the people and residents of determination, which enables them to obtain The advantages and facilities that meet their needs, provided by various quarters.

She explained that the card is an essential tool in building the database of people of concern in the Emirate of Dubai, and it contributes to the design of programs, projects and services to suit the reality of disability.

Al-Hammadi pointed out that the conditions for applying for the card include that the individual of the people of concern who have a motor, intellectual, sensory, developmental or psychological disability, citizens and non-citizens (residents), as well as the presence of a valid residence in Dubai for The card is issued to visitors from other countries of the Emirate of Dubai, but it is a temporary card, the validity of which is linked to the expiry date of the visit.