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With the electoral repetition gaining strength with each passing day, Vox has put itself in campaign mode and has convened for the next October 6 its first major event in the face of hypothetical new general elections. The spirit is to reactivate the popular fervor lost in recent months, after the clash of reality between the expectations generated and the result of only 24 seats. Aware that a great mobilization would be needed again, Vox has already started, without waiting until September 23, the end of the deadline to form a government. Santiago Abascal called yesterday the supporters of Vox to fill again Vistalegre , the symbolic space where the golden age of the party began, after a long "winter" of four years with hardly any repercussion and no national representation.

«11 months ago we met at Vistalegre ready to defend and strengthen Spain, our country», begins by recalling that Abascal milestone in an open letter to his supporters, in which with a markedly epic tone he tries to encourage them to continue «together» and «go beyond". Therefore, the call has even a motto - which already has an aftertaste of the electoral campaign - which is «Plus Ultra» . The same one that collects the shield of Spain, but that draws attention for the use of the word «ultra», with which they attack from the left.

«Vistalegre 2018 was the first battle you won. Until then they had laughed, then tried to silence us, then manipulate our message and demonize us. But you were still there, without fear of anything or anyone, ”says the president of Vox. And he calls to return to this emblematic place on October 6 "to defend Spain and its unity, its sovereignty, its borders, its families, its roots, its freedom from the progressive dictatorship of the rest of the parties."

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