The videos aired by Egyptian artist and contractor Mohamed Ali, who worked for years with the army, caused a stir in the Egyptian street and on social media, and the pioneers of these sites are waiting for all that is new about what he revealed about the size of corruption in the army and the presidency.

In four consecutive videos, Mohamed Ali accused President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and army leaders of wasting public money by spending on projects targeting personal interests and purposes, without studying or economic feasibility, including a hotel costing about two billion pounds, and a presidential palace costing nearly 300 one million pound.

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Although several names have been implicated, including army commanders, ministers and others in leadership positions in the Armed Forces Engineering Authority, and although he has promised more videos revealing more corruption, there has been no official response yet to the accusations made in his videos. No statement or statement was issued by the military or the presidency in this regard, despite serious accusations.

The only response was the move of the regime's media arms, in an attempt to tarnish the image of the artist and contractor Mohamed Ali, most notably what was published by some newspapers and media that he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as hosting his father in a program for security-affiliated media Ahmed Moussa, during which he announced his acquittal Of his son.

But social media was the broadest and most impetuous forum in discussing the issue, whether in the videos of the contractor or in the dealings of the regime and its various arms with the issue, and filled with Twitter and Facebook pages with many tweets and publications on the subject, and the diversity of dealing between seriousness and sarcasm and ridicule, and add more Information about the number of files mentioned in the videos.

While some saw what Mohamed Ali did “the spark of a new revolution” in Egypt, by exposing this amount of corruption and confronting power, others saw him as merely corrupt and disagreed with the corrupt, or compars seeking fame, arguing that he would not have spoken had he not disagreed with the corrupt. Steal public money.

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On the other hand, many of the pioneers of the communication sites read between the lines in the videos of Mohammed Ali, one of them pointed out that some of them said that Sisi was preparing for a coup against President-elect Mohamed Morsi, citing what was stated in one video that Sisi (when he was a minister) For the defense) came to see the new villa at a time when the events of the Federal Palace were burning, at the end of 2012.

Another reading noticed that this corruption and the waste of public money revealed by the army contractor explains why Sisi insists on gathering all the powers in his hand and crushing all voices against him.

Strong testimony made by the contractor artist Mohamed Ali about the Mafia of the military and Sisi and his family, and its strength that it is a partner to them and within them, and most importantly it reveals: 1) Countdown will not stop in the slope of descent and desolation. 2) Confirm the reason Sisi collected all sorts of powers in his hand and crushed all the votes (Funny denial of mafia speaker)

- Amin El Mahdy (@AminElMahdy) September 4, 2019

A third commentator had a different viewpoint, asking through questions about what was stated by the army contractor, most notably: Why is he coming out now and revealing this large amount of corruption, even though he has been working with the army for 15 years in which he has accumulated tremendous wealth that enabled him to produce a movie and own many villas Mansions and luxury cars?

But a tweet by Mohamed Ali replied: "The amount of threats to my vigilance from the intelligence and the state apparatus does not indicate that you are terrified of those who still hate you. For every Egyptian we participated in breaking the nipple. "

The amount of threats to my vigilance from the intelligence and state organs does not indicate, but you are terrified of me, I will not expose you to it. Rage about you.

- Muhammad Ali (@MuhammadAlieg) September 5, 2019

There are those who considered that the testimony of the army contractor affirms the expansion of the army's activities in the economy outside the independent control, and the danger to the economy of any country, as it contradicts the permanent demands of Sisi for Egyptians to be patient and bear on the successive decisions to lift subsidies on water, electricity and hydrocarbons because the state is "poor." accommodate".

It is noteworthy that the army exercises its economic activity through economic institutions directly managed by the armed forces, and their budgets are not controlled by any civilian body, the most prominent of these institutions is the National Service Projects Authority, the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces.

Some of Roda's websites have tended to compile the videos of the army contractor that has wasted billions in public money, while others have published photos from the Google Maps app showing the locations of some of these palaces and restrooms built by Mohammed Ali commissioned by the army.

The most important are on Google Map five villas on the north and the Palace on the right and airstrip within the Haykstb military area

- Khaled El-Hadidy (@KhalidElHadidye) September 6, 2019

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