UN “North Korea short-range missiles are improving the overall power of planning” September 6, 18:34

The United Nations Security Council said that US President Trump would not consider the issue of North Korea ’s launch of short-range missiles, “short-range missiles are improving the overall power of North Korea ’s ballistic missile program.” An expert panel report has been published.

The report is a summary of the implementation of sanctions against North Korea by a panel of experts based on a UN Security Council resolution.

Among them, North Korea ’s missile development was taken up in May and July. “The core technologies of ballistic missiles, including the ability to navigate the missile defense system using solid fuel that enhances the missile ’s mobility,” I learned. "

On top of that, the panel said that the short-range missile is improving the overall capabilities of North Korea ’s ballistic missile program.

President Trump does not regard the short-range missile launch by North Korea as a problem, but the report reports that North Korea is steadily improving its missile capability.

In addition, funding sources are believed to have stolen up to $ 2 billion from foreign financial institutions in the past three years due to cyber attacks, and remittance from hundreds of IT engineers dispatched to Asian and African countries. We also give you foreign currency income.

The report calls for information exchanges between countries and strengthened prevention measures to prevent North Korea's cyber attacks.