Now Lund's diocese, together with the congregation, has commissioned three architects and a lighting artist to sketch how Borrby church tower can look in the future.

The sprout is difficult to replace, mainly for financial reasons.

- It would cost just over SEK 29 million in church antiquarian compensation to reconstruct the tower spire and so much money can not go to a building part that has no real function, but is only decorative, says pin antiquarian Heikki Ranta, in a press release on Friday.

Lund's diocese is awarded approximately SEK 75 million annually in church antiquarian compensation. Nearly half of that money would be required to restore the traditional spire at Borrby Church.

Finished outlined in October

In collaboration with the Gärsnäs congregation, Lund's diocese will instead pay for a project where three architects and one lighting artist will develop different alternatives to a new tower spire.

The proposals should be ready in early October and then exhibited in Borrby church. The congregation then decides, in collaboration with the diocese and the county administrative board, what the church tower will look like in the future.

- I am convinced that we will come up with proposals where a lighter design in combination with advanced lighting installations, will be economically feasible and also put Borrby on the map in a whole new way. We hope for a more contemporary expression and a new landmark that suits today's Österlen, says pin-up antiquarian Henrik Lindblad.

Well-qualified architects

The architects who received the assignment are Ole Drachmann, Karl Palmberg and Cord Siegel. According to the Swedish Church, all are well-versed in the restoration of cultural buildings and the design of modern architecture.

Jérôme France, the lighting artist, who was also asked, has previously designed, among other things, the sound and light art work "96" in Odarslöv's church outside Lund.

The work is coordinated by the internationally curated art curator Min-Jung Jonsson.