A 17-year-old man assaulted two canteen workers in a school in Marseille on Friday morning. Parents of students worry.

It was panic Friday morning at a school in Marseille. A 17-year-old man entered a school in the 9th district to attack two employees in the canteen. They are injured. The teenager was arrested.

But what shocks the parents and the whole neighborhood is that the abuser managed to get in and out of this school unmolested. The individual entered the school through the service door. A young man visibly very agitated, confused, shirtless, who found himself nose-to-nose with the head cantrain, Sandra. He threw himself on her, stabbed her in the chest, presumably with scissors found on the spot.

"We demand security"

A second cantinière tried to intervene. She was punched. There were no children at the time of the assault but the parents of students remain stunned. "We are afraid, it could have happened during the canteen or school time, we are asking for safety," says a mother. "It means that anyone can enter the school, which is worrying for the future of our children," adds another.

The school will remain closed until Monday with a reinforcement of the municipal police from next week. "This is a very serious event, we are doing everything we can to reassure our staff and it is up to the justice system to do what it takes to condemn this incredible act," responded the mayor of Marseille, Jean-Claude Gaudin.

The abuser is in custody. At first, he did not know the two victims.