Sharjah Police are continuing their investigation into the circumstances of a fire incident that took place last Tuesday at the boat marina in Al Layyah area in Sharjah.

The Central Operations Room of the Sharjah Police received a report at ten and seven minutes from Tuesday evening, stating that the incident took place in the marina area of ​​boats, located behind the buildings of the Department of Economic Development, where a number of police patrols, rescue teams and civil defense arrived immediately. Twelve minutes from the date of the report, it was found that the fire broke out in a wooden boat loaded with a large group of scrap cars and diesel barrels where the competent teams started their operations to evacuate the people on site and ensure their safety, and extinguish the fire, which did not take Tefaih only a short time, which led to the lack of control in the transition of other raised for boats, followed by cooling led to the emission of a dense cloud of smoke as a result of the burning of vehicles and containers of diesel without causing any casualties among the people.