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05 September 2019In the past few days, the documents relating to the inquiry opened against the leader of the Northern League, Matteo Salvini, have been transferred to the Milan prosecutor's office for suspicion of defamation for the words spent on social media regarding the captain of the Sea Watch 3 Carola Rackete.

The former Minister of the Interior was entered in the register of suspects by the Rome Public Prosecutor in relation to the complaint presented last July by the commander of the Sea Watch. The deeds of the libel lawsuit were sent for territorial jurisdiction by the public prosecutors in Milan, a city where the leader of the Northern League resides.

In the lawsuit, which also called for the seizure of the former minister's social media accounts, some posts by Salvini were reported after the controversy following the landing of migrants in the port of Lampedusa and several comments from users against Rackete.

In the denunciation the pool of lawyers of the captain of the Sea Watch 3 also reported some comments of the users against Rackete, attacked for the landing of the migrants happened last summer.

Salvini: "Do you report Rackete? For me it's a medal"
"Denounced by a German communist, an immigrant ferryman, who rammed a Finance patrol boat: for me it is a medal! I never give up". So on facebook the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini comments on the libel investigation opened by the Milan Public Prosecutor.