The court proceedings begin at 09.00 on Thursday at Ångermanland District Court in Härnösand.

Direct Report · The trial of Daniel Kindberg


2 min09.15

Now the Prosecutor will initiate:

The indictment applies to gross unfaithfulness to the principal, assistance to gross unfaithfulness towards the principal, etc. Alternatively serious fraud.

The crime must have been committed during the period June 2013 to April 2017.

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

6 min09.12

Daniel Kindberg is represented by Olof Kullinger, Stockholm. Peabman by Jan-Åke Nyström, Östersund and Sollefteå entrepreneur by Jonas Granfelt, Stockholm.

25 witnesses should be heard during the trial.

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

7 min09.11

SVT · Håkan Alamaa

9 min09.08

Now we're up and running.

The parties have been called into the courtroom and the chairman of the court begins. New rules for electronic equipment apply from the end of the year and the rules for this are drawn up. Journalists are exempt from the new stricter regulations. So a little formalia, like this in the introduction ...

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

20 min08.57

The press release is large at the trial

SVT · Håkan Alamaa

23 min08.55

We are now waiting for the clock to approach 9 and for the court to convene the parties in hall 1. This is where it will take place.

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

32 min08.46

Many journalists on site

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

32 min08.45

Begins to get pretty intense. The district court in Härnösand is not large and it looks to be crowded

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

39 min08.38

Kindberg had a brief comment:

- I expect to be acquitted.

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

40 min08.37

The Peabman arrived early, recently Daniel Kindberg also arrived. He immediately withdrew to an individual room with his lawyer.

SVT · Rolf Lunneborg

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In addition to Daniel Kindberg, two other men are also facing trial, a former employee of Peab and an entrepreneur in Sollefteå. All three are charged with serious financial crime.

They are suspected of having incurred over 15 million and of that amount transferred over millions of kronor to the football club Östersunds FK.

direct Reports

During Thursday and Friday, SVT's Rolf Lunneborg and Marie Selander will monitor the trial on site and report directly on the site.

SVT's Rolf Lunneborg and Marie Selander are present and report from the Kindbergrätgang. Photo: SVT

A summary of the respective trial day will also be shown in our television broadcasts.

A total of 15 days have been set aside for the trial.