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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced on Wednesday that he will deploy a missile system for air defense on the border that the country shares with Colombia , considering that the Government of the neighboring nation intends to generate an "armed conflict" in the area.

"Now we are going to deploy the missile system of air defense, ground defense, armored, we are going to deploy it from September 10 to 28, " time in which military exercises will be carried out on the 2,219 kilometers of border that Venezuela shares with Colombia, he said. President.

Maduro recalled that yesterday he declared an orange alert for the military units of the states Zulia, Táchira, Amazonas and Apure, all bordering with Colombia.

"And the troops are already deployed" in those territories, said the president, who said that his Colombian counterpart, Iván Duque , "has a provocation plan, a false positive for the month of September."

"He intends to mount a false positive, attack Venezuelan territory to go to the United Nations Security Council to put together a cheap political show at the cost of an armed conflict," he denounced.

In his opinion, Duque "has brought Colombia back to a war situation" due to the rearmament of a group of FARC guerrilla dissidents, headed by the number two of that organization, Luciano Marín Arango , alias' Iván Márquez '. "The violence of Colombia that stays in Colombia, we don't want it here," added the Chavista leader.

The Colombian Government considers that prudence should be the golden rule in the face of the new "threats" of Maduro.

Duque said on Friday that the return to arms of a group of FARC dissidents does not imply the emergence of a new guerrilla but of a narcoterrorist band supported by Maduro , which he does not recognize as president and "dictator".

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