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Bahamas is still recovering from the devastation of Dorian , which in its wake left at least 20 dead , while the US, on whose southeast coast the cyclone advances, faced on Wednesday the consequences of a hurricane that, now with category 2 , has caused fear and pain in the Atlantic.

In the Caribbean archipelago, rescue teams, already supported by international aid, mobilized to assist the thousands affected in the northwest of the country, mainly in the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama , the most affected.

Areas where aid arrives slowly, a situation that has largely caused acts of vandalism by people trying to hoard food and bottled water, local media reported.

That is why it will be of vital importance that the action that the United States Coast Guard has been carrying out since Monday be reinforced in the next few hours by countries such as Guyana and Jamaica and by the work already carried out by organizations such as the Emergency Management Agency to Disasters of the Caribbean (Cdema, in English), based in Barbados.

According to the first official reports, the devastation is unprecedented, with destruction of houses, businesses and buildings that were totally or partially razed, so the Government announced that water pumps, power generators, and equipment are urgently needed. hygiene.

Bahamas "has never seen anything of this scale," said UN humanitarian aid chief Mark Lowcock , who said that more than 70,000 of the nearly 400,000 inhabitants of the archipelago need immediate help.

The official death toll has increased from 7 to 20, Health Minister Duane Sands reported Wednesday, adding that the number is expected to increase, according to the Bahama Press digital newspaper.

A situation that is followed with particular attention on the coasts of Florida (southeast of the US), where Dorian traveled this day without major impact, so that evacuations, curfews and suspension of school classes have been gradually rising, between others.

The operation of the Orlando International Airport, in the center of the state, and the ports of Everglades, Miami and Miami River have also been reactivated, in addition to announcing that on Friday the tourist Kennedy Space Center will be reopened, which is near the sea.

"Our prayers now go to our brothers in the Bahamas, the devastation we saw there was what we prepared for here, and you saw how bad it was," said Ed Kelley , president of the Volusia County Council (North Florida), for where the hurricane passed without causing major damage.

However, Ken Graham, director of the National Hurricane Center (NHC), said Dorian’s move northward “conditions improve in Florida, but they worsen for Georgia and the Carolinas.”

Likewise, it is expected that as you move towards Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and even Virginia , local authorities will gradually deactivate emergency measures.

And although in Florida and the nearby states that will be affected, the authorities called on their inhabitants to "stay tuned and prepare for a greater potential for power outages," the region is for now more concerned with mobilizing and helping the Bahamas, where the hurricane made landfall last Sunday as category 5.

Royal Carribean announced a donation of about 900,000 euros, as well as the Walt Disney group, owner of the Disney Cruise Line.

Similarly, Carnival Cruise Line said it will support recovery efforts and said they will announce that the aid will be finalized when they determine what is most useful.

As expected, the promise of help also came from neighboring countries, such as that offered by Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who was willing to cooperate "in mitigating damages."

Meanwhile, the Barbadian singer Rihanna announced in her social networks that through her foundation Clara Lionel will help those affected by the hurricane in the Bahamas, while the NGO of the Spanish chef José Andrés , World Central Kitchen, has already begun to distribute help the population of the punished Abaco Islands.

"We could yesterday, with World Central Kitchen, bring almost two thousand and a half meals to Abaco, today we are going to take 5,000 and we are going to bring a kitchen that we are trying to start," José Andrés told Efe this Wednesday from the airport of the islands after landing.

But perhaps where the urgency was most felt for trying to provide relief was in two temples in Little Bahama , where the first community of Bahamian origin settled in Miami, who turned to collect all the help they can for the victims of Dorian and propose to send it from this Wednesday to the archipelago aboard seaplanes.

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