- I feel great concern. Living so close to the border and knowing that many Norwegian dog owners go over to shop and that many have summer cottages here makes it feel very uneasy, she says.

Do not dare to hit the special

Right now, Annelie and the dogs Ojoj and Mexico are in Norwegian mountains at dog training camps. There are several Norwegian dogs participating, but they come from areas where the infection has not been found so far, so right now she is not afraid of her dogs being infected.

- But yesterday I was really scared when I read that the infection also reached Hönefoss where my boyfriend lives with his dog. They visit us every weekend. I called him right away and said to stay away from all places where most dogs move.

Now it may be long before Annelie and Särbon can be seen again.

- If they do not stop this we will not be able to meet. We dare not, she says.

Avoids center visits

Annelie Karlsson is following the updates on the deadly dog ​​scene closely and will be thinking about her everyday life.

- Since we do not have the infection where I live, I will walk the dogs in the woods at home, but I will avoid going into the center. Training at the working dog club feels unsafe, as many go there to release their dogs, she says.

The company she runs will also be affected.

- I have several courses where I have some participants who are Norwegian. I will move up course starts and Norwegian dogs that are booked in the trim, she notes.