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Protest at Po Lam Metro Station, Hong Kong, September 5, 2019. REUTERS / Tyrone Siu

In Hong Kong, three months after the start of the protest, the head of the executive announced the formal withdrawal of the extradition law to China. An announcement that satisfies only one of the 5 claims of opponents who announce new actions. Reaction of the street in Hong Kong Wednesday night.

With our special correspondent in Hong Kong, Stéphane Lagarde

"Revolution of our time", "Free Hong Kong", a few hours after the withdrawal of the extradition law, the slogans are back in front of the Hong Kong Parliament. For this press conference improvised at night, the speakers wear balaclava and helmets: the announcement of Carrie Lam did not satisfy them, it is "a dressing on a wound raw," they explain.

Tailor dress, Jina works in a multinational of one of the neighborhood's glass towers. " If she had withdrawn the law three months ago, " she said, " everyone would have been happy. Now we have seen police beating civilians in the subway. We must therefore continue to fight for justice. "

This fight by justice, these students in civil engineering gathered in the shopping streets of Wan Chai not far from the institutions, have spent their summer there. Horn of motorists to greet the good news. " This is very good news. We fought hard for this result, "said 21-year-old Tom.

A good result, but it does not go far enough, said Andy Yep, 70, retired and amateur football player in a stadium downtown: " Hong Kong has become a police state. The police are in the subway, in front of the schools. Carry Lam made some serious mistakes. "

Mistakes that seem willing to forgive the business community alone to openly welcome this withdrawal of the law, eager to see the Hong Kong economy restart