• Health: José Miguel Cisneros: "A crisis like this puts the health system, institutions and civil society to the test"
  • Health alert: Six cases of listeriosis after eating meat that a Sevillian took to Germany

The Ministry of Health and Families reported on Wednesday the abortion suffered by a woman when she was in the 22nd week of gestation, bringing the number of abortions associated with the listeriosis outbreak to five, with 205 cases confirmed in total , after registering the disease in a child "with a very evolved cancer" in the province of Seville. The hospitalized, meanwhile, are 46, one more than the previous day, while the pregnant are 14, compared to 16 on Tuesday.

This was indicated in a press conference the spokesman of the technical cabinet created by the Ministry of Health and Families for the follow-up of the listeriosis outbreak, José Miguel Cisneros, who has also indicated that the department headed by Jesús Aguirre has approved the extension of the protocol current clinician recommending antibiotic treatment for asymptomatic pregnant women who had eaten the contaminated food causing this outbreak of listeriosis.

The previous protocol already included treatment for pregnant women with symptoms of mild infection . This protocol, endorsed by eight scientific societies, aims to reduce the real risk of loss of pregnancy or infection of the newborn. This protocol is "pioneer" compared to other experiences in listeriosis outbreaks registered internationally.

The Andalusian Health Service has begun the dissemination of the protocol to all professionals, particularly family doctors and gynecologists of both public and private health. It will be these professionals who will contact the pregnant women in their care in the next few days to recommend or not the antibiotic treatment depending on the risk. To this end, the recommendations established in the protocol and the algorithm that estimates the risk of infection will be applied and, depending on the same, the recommendation to be made.

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