May 15, 2019 Seventeen arrests and nearly 290 pounds of seized drugs. These are the figures of the investigation by the Milan prosecutor's office for international drug trafficking, conducted by police officers from the Milan police station, who carried out the detention orders in prison issued by the magistrate of the Court of Milan, Anna Calabi, at the request of deputy prosecutor Luigi Luzi.

The 17 arrested are all of Moroccan origin and according to investigators they constituted a criminal network composed of more cells than drug traffickers, active in the territory of the province of Milan, who imported huge quantities of drugs. Depending on the cell, cocaine was imported from Holland and hashish from Morocco, to then be marketed in the Milan market places. The investigative activity began in the first months of the year 2016, when the investigators' attention focused on a Moroccan suspect of trafficking drugs in the city of Milan.

During the operational phase of the investigations, the State Police officers carried out a total of eight arrests in the flagrant act and seized about 24 kg of cocaine, 262 kg of hashish and 0.5 kg of heroin.