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Guinea-Bissau police seized Monday more than 1.8 tons of cocaine from Colombia. Guinea-Bissau has long been considered as a transit zone between Latin America and Europe. The instability and poverty in this country have long favored the establishment of drug traffickers under the protection of senior officers. Are things changing with such actions by police authorities?

This is the " biggest " decision in the history of this country: 1.8 tons of white powder hidden in sacks of flour, landed in two stages in two localities near the north coast of the country, about 120 km from the capital. Part of the cargo was then transported by road some 30 km away.

" This is an international crime network that has just been dismantled, " says the deputy director of the judicial police.

Eight suspects - three Colombians, four Bissau-Guineans and one Malian - were arrested. Does Guinea-Bissau return to South American cartels? " We are affected, like other countries, but the most important for us is the determination of the police organs, including the judicial police, " the officer said that the drug came from Colombia.

Last March, on the eve of the legislative elections, police seized nearly 800 kg of cocaine hidden in a truck registered in Senegal and leaving for Mali.

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