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Six people from the same family in the German city of Lahr have been infected by listeriosis after consuming meat from the "Mecha" march that a young neighbor from Seville, Simeón Gallego, took them on August 21.

Gallego explained to Efe that he bought the meat in a store in Seville capital on August 1, and took it to Lahr , where his partner, Caroline, lives to consume it on August 21 at a family meal .

Days after consuming it, all the people who were in the food began to develop the symptoms of the disease, although they have recovered well, while their partner, as he said, has to follow a treatment for a few more days.

The people affected, in addition to his girlfriend, 43, are her mother, 73, her uncles, 35 and 31, and her nieces, who are 6 and 3 years old.

Sevillian himself was also affected after eating one of the three packages of meat he took to Germany, each 400 grams.

As he has pointed out, he brought several Spanish cuisine products to his partner's family visit, such as ham or olive oil, and the meat was from Magrudis, not a white label.

The Ministry of Health and Families reported Tuesday that a new case of Listeria monocytogenes infection was confirmed on Monday in the province of Granada, although its link to the outbreak is under investigation, and has placed 204 confirmed cases since the beginning of the alert, which was decreed on August 15, while the total number of patients admitted to public, concerted and private hospitals is 45 compared to 55 on the previous day, a reduction of 18% compared to the previous day.

With the exception of this new case, for eight days, all new cases of infection have occurred in the province of Seville, the Ministry of Health has informed through a note. The evolution of the number of new daily cases has been steadily reduced since August 23.

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