In the run-up to the municipal elections, Benjamin Griveaux, candidate of the Republic on the march for the mayor of Paris, hopes that Cédric Villani, who will announce his dissenting candidacy on Wednesday, will finally join the party of Emmanuel Macron.

Benjamin Griveaux, candidate for mayor of Paris invested by the Republic on the march, told himself Tuesday convinced to "finish together" with Cédric Villani, who should announce Wednesday his dissenting candidacy. "I would have preferred that Cédric Villani respects the commitment he made and is committed to our side, it's obvious," regretted Benjamin Griveaux again on LCI.

"My conviction is that it will do so in the weeks or months to come and that, at the end of this campaign or during this campaign, we will find the ways and the way of the gathering," he said. -he explains. According to him, "it is also the message that Cédric Villani addressed yesterday to the President of the Republic when he says: there is no distrust, neither personal nor vis-à-vis the movement". "If there is no distrust, it means that we can find the path of trust," said the MP for Paris.

A necessary gathering

"My belief is that we will end up together," he insisted, arguing that Villani's opponent, like his, is outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo. "I wish I could bring together men and women of good will, I believe he is one, and I will not stop doing this gathering," he added.

"I'm not asking that we exclude Cédric Villani, for a simple reason: I think this is not the right way to do that to caporize the thought, it's not the culture of On the march", has he argued. "Cédric Villani informed the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister that he would make a statement to Parisians this Wednesday, September 4 at 19 hours and that his decision was in no way an act of defiance vis-à-vis of their action, "said Monday to AFP Baptiste Fournier, campaign director of Mr. Villani for the inauguration on the march.

Cédric Villani at the helm of the LREM campaign

Benjamin Griveaux, unanimously chosen by members of the National Inauguration Commission in July to represent LREM in March 2020, proposed to Cédric Villani to "co-sponsor" the presidential party campaign, "both on the merits and on the incarnation ". But the MP for Essonne, whose possible alternative bid agitates Macronie for weeks, has declined the proposal.