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Jimmy Aldaoud was sent back to Iraq by agents of the ICE, the US Federal Border Agency (image for illustration). AFP / GETTY PICTURES NORTH AMERICA / JOHN MOORE

Jimmy Aldaoud had been living in the United States since childhood. In June, the US immigration authorities decided to send the Iraqi on a plane to Baghdad where he died for lack of treatment two months later. His body has just been returned to the United States where he will be buried this week.

" His deportation was a death sentence ," said a Democratic deputy about Jimmy Aldaoud. Jimmy Aldaoud was no longer allowed to live in the United States, but his remains could be buried in a Detroit cemetery. He will be buried there this week as his coffin arrived from Iraq on Friday.

It was in this city of Michigan that the forty-year-old had spent most of his life. Born into a family of Chaldean Christians, Jimmy Aldaoud was born in a refugee camp in Greece and legally entered the United States with his parents in 1979, when he was six months old.

Death for lack of insulin

Diabetic, depressed, he also suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. According to the US immigration services, during the last two decades, Jimmy Aldaoud had received twenty criminal convictions.

This video is of Jimmy taken in Baghdad two weeks after his deportation. I'm sharing with permission from Jimmy's lawyers. Jimmy has been in the US since he was 6 months old in a refugee camp in Greece to Iraqi Christian parents. RIP # JimmyAldaoud https://t.co/1182x6GRAY pic.twitter.com/KF8RUOtKiH

Mari Manoogian (@MariManoogian) August 8, 2019

After being arrested for robbery, he was deported to Iraq on June 2, 2019. Without money, not speaking Arabic, he managed to contact his sisters who remained in the United States. For lack of insulin, he finally died in early August. His name was on a list of 1,000 Iraqis whom the Trump administration has been trying to expel since 2017. His death a few weeks ago sparked a stir in the area where he grew up.