Until now, reinstalling Windows 10 on your computer means using a local copy, whether it's a pre-saved copy on your PC or using an external media (such as a CD or flash card), but soon it will be just a cloud download.

In addition to modifying the tablet mode, the latest beta version of Windows 10, available to Windows Insider subscribers, includes the option to "load Windows" when you want to reset your PC, in other words reinstall Operating system again.

This feature resembles an option that has been available to Mac users for years, as users with a fast Internet connection can download a new version of the Mac OS from the cloud. The user does not need a hard disk space in his backup device or flash card to complete the operation.

Microsoft insists that this process will delete all your existing applications and data if you choose to "delete everything".

However, as the Engadget tech site notes, it should be remembered that this version of Windows 10 is still beta and it is best to wait until the final version is released before putting the fate of your PC in the option of reinstalling Windows from the cloud.

But once the final version arrives, it will be a valuable solution if you run into a problem with Windows and want a reliable fix.