• Summit of Counts with Pd and M5S. Delrio: "Step forward". Marcucci: "We need clarification"
  • Count at the Quirinale da Mattarella. Then to Palazzo Chigi for vertex Pd-M5S


31 August 2019

"Italians will have the right to democratically and peacefully exercise self-defense against this fraudulent government". so the leader of the League Matteo Salvini today at the press conference, explaining that "they want to take apart what we have built, but there will be regional elections, at least they will not be able to suspend them".

When we return to voting we will rule for 15 years
"That Democratic Party that we sent home to Rome is trying to grab a few seats. Wanting is power, but if they want to go ahead with the scam, they can do it. They'll have us as opponents, we'll be ready, country by country, community for communities to defend the results "added Salvini. "Sooner or later you will come back to vote. If not in the fall, in six months, eight months, a year, then we will rule for the next 15 years."

Except security in the government it was all blocked
The Minister of the Interior returns to the government's events during a rally in Pinzolo. "The no were too many and unbearable within the Government: everything was stopped except for the security issue, due to pressure from the League. The rest, like public works, economy, work, tenders, was all stopped. For consistency we put our mandate back in the hands of Italians ", he explained again. "We preferred to make an act of love, respecting the preferences expressed by the Italian population. The League is like that, or it is good, or nothing is done."

Pd shabby tries to grab seats
"The Democratic Party in Rome is trying to grab a few seats. We have shown in Trentino that we can change. If we go ahead with the scam and the party of the seats, we will have opponents ready to defend the results achieved", continued Salvini . "We are really to the scam: these of the Pd have been rejected to all the possible elections, and now it is tried again to bring them to the Government. It is squalid: they are weeks that they are slaughtering for the ministries to Rome even before having had them".

A sad end for M5S, from revolution to Renzi-Prodi
"From the Democratic Party, which is the party of strong powers, we expect nothing. For the 5stars, which is a party that has entered Parliament to revolutionize, change and overturn, sitting at the table with Renzi and Prodi is a sad end". concluded the leader of the League. "Now they can run away from elections for a month, six months or a year, but not indefinitely."