Dakota was one of the young women 'reformed' by the elder brother Aguado. He left us phrases like 'My nose itches and that means moved' or 'What doesn't? My mother, I already tell you yes' IG

Aguado is the father of Claudia (21) and Natalia (19): "The best drug prevention campaign for my daughters is my example"

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the candidate who lives in a 50-meter floor: "When I am president, I will need larger cabinets, you change your clothes a lot"

Pedro García Aguado (50) with Isabel García Ayuso (40) was a 'political crush'. The older brother television was "orphaned" after the departure of Arrimadas de Cataluña and after hearing the proposals of other parties found in the new president of the Community of Madrid a speech that seduced him. He was Olympic water polo champion in 96 and world champion in 98. Still recognizes that in his case the sport "did not save his life." He went through a stage of addictions in which alcohol and cocaine decided for him. He was a hotel receptionist in Marbella, a therapist, set up several businesses with the help of his family, was a Big Brother on television, a lecturer writer and now general director of youth of the Community of Madrid.

He was very surprised with his appointment. Yes, because I did not expect Isabel Díaz Ayuso to give me a position. From the first moment there was a great feeling, I met her and sold her workshops but I never imagined what would come next. Her first contact with her was on Twitter, where she applauded her proposals. When Isabel presented her candidacy I heard her speak and I said: 'It represents me.' Ayuso spoke in a way that I finally said someone from the PP speaks clearly and I supported her. But for many tweets that I put Isabel that is not synonymous with obtaining a position.If the youth of Madrid need an older brother, should we worry? From the general direction of youth, people who are going through it will be helped and others who are not having a bad time but need help for housing, transport, university ... We do not rely only on young people who need an older brother. If we look at the broad spectrum of Madrid youth there are many boys and girls who do not behave at all badly but also need the general youth direction and education counseling to help them achieve their goals. Young people have daily examples of effortless success Can you continue to trust that culture? We should not blame young people because they have less effort. They were born in a time when new technologies facilitate many tasks and have it recorded as well. You have to demystify those successful models of 'baseball', of success through shortcuts. Their life revolves around youth. How do you remember yours? My childhood in Madrid was very good. At age 12 my parents divorce and there my life changes. I become someone who is more on the street but I focus a lot on the sport. From 18 to 34 I dedicate myself to competitive sport but with the great failure to develop a disease such as addiction. From 34 to 50 pure and hard recovery. Is it a more authoritative voice to talk about drugs for being addicted to alcohol, cocaine, etc.? Many people politicians ask them not to be on lectern. I come from the trenches, I've been through it. Does that empower me more than another? Possibly not, but I have experience in knowing what is the origin of addictions, abuse, violence. The experiences serve as a knowledge that other people have not had sitting reading books, without belittling any. He confessed to his daughters his addictions. How did they take it? I told them when they were 5 and 3 years old. Over time when they have grown up I have explained the risks involved in consumption, without putting fear in the body but to make them aware. At home we have a drug-free space so there is no alcohol or anything. The best prevention campaign for my daughters was to see me pissed off at what I had lost in Chester of Risto. My little daughter has had a brutal effect, she goes out with people who drink, smoke and so on ... She only smokes tobacco, is the only thing that does. Will you continue to quit? I don't believe it, it's a losing battle. Tobacco is one of the most addictive drugs there is. I do not carry it as a failure ... At first I felt very disappointed but like everything in life she will learn when she wants to leave it and the harm it does. Some say that 'Big Brother' was a 'reality'. It allows the luxury of throwing five years of work on the ground and saying it was a theater. The program was a reality and we helped more than one hundred families and I learned a lot. Being a television show with such content beast can be labeled as false but many came forward and are grateful. I don't regret it at all and I keep doing interventions at home. Now with the position I no longer know. Recently he defended Dakota in 'Survivors'. Dakota is a girl capable of transmitting, falling well, being transparent ... He no longer sticks with his parents, quite the opposite. For me it is an example of total success. Now he is working on television, making a living. Hopefully there are many Dakotas. She is a very brave girl. He made a tremendous effort to expose all his problems and for everyone to judge.

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