This year's seventh class is first out with the new schedule. It is about 105 hours more teaching in mathematics and 100 hours more in sports during one academic year. In addition, some lessons may be shortened or removed, including student choice.

- We have had to hire more teachers and also some unauthorized teachers where it has been difficult to get hold of competent ones, says Bergaskolan's assistant principal Peter Abramo.

This year's schedule for seventh grades has become longer with shorter breaks between lessons. The eighth and ninth classes have not yet received more lessons, but due to the local shortage they have received many hole hours during the days.

"Good thought but not realistic"

The Ministry of Education justifies the decision that there is research that shows positive links between physical activity and performance in school, and that basic knowledge of mathematics is necessary to pass higher education.

- The idea is good, but right now our premises are completely maxed out. We do not have room to introduce further lessons, not to mention the teacher shortage, says Peter Abramo.

Tougher challenges await

The schedule change is intended for the entire secondary school. This year the seventh grades will start, next year the eighth classes will also be affected, and the following year the entire high school will apply the new schedule.

- We tremble when the whole system is expanded in two years, says Peter Abramo.

Will you do it?

- We hope we do, but it looks crowded.