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These are not signs of severe depression but are symptoms of a bout returning to work after a long vacation, the annual holiday season and summer holidays are nearing completion, and everyone is preparing in late August to return to work with the end of the holiday period. Don't be disheartened, you are not alone.

1. Determine your tasks before the holiday begins
The last time before you leave your office to start the vacation, you should prepare two lists of your expected tasks on return, the first projects and urgent tasks, with simple explanations for each project and when it ends, and another list of simple priorities that will deal with when you return, you can change these priorities for any reason, But starting from a list will make it easier for you anyway.

2- Authorize whoever acts for you
Many fear the idea of ​​a deputy, who uses their absolute powers in their leave, but do not fear anything, your deputy will not eat your site, delegate your tasks that can not wait for you to act on your behalf, and brief your bosses on the responsible for the work in your absence, do not hold yourself the responsibility of work will not Whatch out.

3. Set up e-mail messages
Schedule your holidays, make sure you decide if you can follow up on emails, and before you close all communication with you to enjoy the vacation, leave a contact available for urgent matters.Keep it aside until you return, but you should know it in time.

4- One day before returning to work
You can ask your manager to send them, remind you of your upcoming tasks, or put them as a reminder on your phone, with an alert date, but in any case this message will bring to mind a few hours before you return to the office.

5. Clean your office before you leave
Just as the lady of the house does cleaning the house and the kitchen before traveling and leaving it clean to make her feel comfortable when you return, you should also do so in your office by arranging files, collecting scraps of paper and reviewing the piles stacked in drawers, giving you a sense of calm and comfort when you return after vacation.

6- A break day
If you can give yourself a day between returning from traveling and going to work, don't hesitate, do it, it prepares your body and mind better to return.

Give yourself a day between traveling and going to work.

7. Look at your schedule
One day before you return, you have to look at your schedule, so that you don't be surprised when a work, meeting or meeting with a client is scheduled.

8. Clean your office when you return
Late reports, unopened mail, papers waiting for your decision, complaints for some, you have to resolve all these issues in the first hour of your day, drink your coffee and start easier, then listen to the problems caused by your absence and resolve.

9 - Activate the stealth mode
Just inform your manager and your subordinates about your return.There is no need for the rest of the departments to know your return.This will relieve you of the work pressure, and you will be satisfied with your immediate tasks without pressing additional influences, according to Top Resume magazine.

10. Go back to your healthy diet
Vacations necessarily mean a change in diet, and stay away from healthy eating, sleeping and sports habits. After your return, you should re-start your healthy diet and start with light exercise to regain your mental and physical activity.In this case, we recommend yoga, a safe way for you to return to the work mill. Again, but less tense.