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The president of Identity Generation, Clement Gandelin, arrives at the trial of three members of the small group in Gap on July 11, 2019. PHILIPPE DESMAZES / AFP

Three members of the far-right group Generation Identitaire, sentenced by the courts for having organized in the spring of 2018 anti-migrant actions at the Col de l'Echelle were supported by some executives of the National Rally.

Is it contingency support or political support? On Twitter, the spokesman of the National Rally, Sébastien Chenu, defends Damien Lefèvre, one of three sentenced anti-migrant activists, better known as Damien Rieu. " If the death penalty still existed, it was good for the scaffold with such justice ," writes the deputy.

I think that if the death penalty still existed @DamienRieu was good for the scaffold with such justice! Support @DamienRieu,
Society that works on the head !!! #general #DamienRieu #Justice https://t.co/ARJ6Cpw0y2

Sébastien Chenu (@sebchenu) August 30, 2019

A member of Génération Identitaire and a former collaborator of MP Gilbert Collard, Damien Lefèvre also worked for four years at the RN of Beaucaire, in the Gard, as director of communication.

The outgoing MEP Bruno Gollnisch denounces for his part a " partial and anti-national " justice, when Nicolas Bay, one of the leaders of the party, speaks to him " of impartiality " thus taking up the argumentation of Generation Identity, which sees in this judgment a " political " decision

While the party of Marine Le Pen refuses for several years the extreme right label, requires demonization, these public support in any case confirm that the RN has many links with this ultra right ultra.