Linde, who was visiting the Morning Studio, expressed his concern over the trade dispute between the parties and believes it can hit hard on Sweden.

- There are no good signals that once again the tariffs will be raised and that the agreements between the US and China will not be agreed. As long as it is just a trade war between the two, it does not particularly affect Sweden, but the risk is that it will become more global - then it will hit Sweden very hard.

This is because Sweden is very export dependent. If high tariffs are introduced, it will be more expensive to export and then hit Sweden's companies, jobs and growth, she says

Concerns about car duties

She is most worried about the car tariffs that US President Donald Trump has said will come later in November.

- At the same time if we have a disordered Brexit in October it can be very shaky and uneasy.

The trade conflict between the US and China is already in full swing, but as long as the parties for talks with each other there is hope, the Minister of Commerce believes.

Sweden's coat of arms

- What we see in our analyzes is that they themselves lose out on it - they shoot themselves in the foot. Trump has, among other things, postponed tariffs decisions and said that "we'll take it a little later" - and that's probably because he sees that the US economy is not profiting from it.

What can Sweden oppose?

- We can also impose customs duties. It's not good, but it's the weapon we have. That is what we have been preparing for in the EU - the same day that car duties will come, we will impose tariffs on American goods.