Nacho Vidal on his YouTube account.

The porn actor breaks his silence on his YouTube account and denounces the harassment he suffered after rumors that he had AIDS

Nacho Vidal: "If I were not a porn actor I would be a drug addicts therapist"

With a serious countenance, a simple white t-shirt that enhances his brown and a strong message. This has been shown by the adult film actor, Nacho Vidal (45), in his last video he has published on his YouTube channel , a profile that premiered just a week ago. The porn star has wanted to break her silence and deny that she has AIDS . A constant rumor in the trajectory of the interpreter of Mataró.

"For the first time, out of my mouth, the whole truth about the rumor of HIV," Vidal begins. The actor has explained how he lived the moment he was told that he had been infected . "We do a test every 15 days. I had the correct test, I worked with seven girls, but I had to do another test because I was going to work in Colombia and I wanted to have a fresh test. My surprise was that the last day, when I finished the scene with the last girl, they call me from my office and they tell me: "Nacho, we have received the test you did the other day, but there is one thing that is not right, that is positive for HIV, " he explains.

After receiving this news, Vidal "instead of crying, screaming or getting sad" asked his secretariat to issue a message to all the girls he had worked with. "The message was as follows: Nacho has been positive for HIV, please stop working, get tested, enter quarantine, do not have relations with anyone at the moment," he said. Nacho Vidal himself came to pay for the tests to each of the actresses, which were negative.

The porn actor also takes advantage of the video to rant against two journalists . "That journalist rat does not come up with the idea of ​​calling my mother's phone number, who is 78 years old, and that day she was entering the operating room. She told him that" Nacho has given us your phone (lie) and has told us that We would contact you to tell us how you feel about what is happening to you. And my mother told him that 'he didn't know what they were talking about' and they told him that he had contracted AIDS but my mother, as usual, told them that 'nothing, that they were raving, and that their son had nothing,' says the interpreter.

The news reached their children's ears and they even told their 10-year-old Leon, "that his father was going to die because he had AIDS." Then Vidal received a message from the little boy with whom he has a good relationship. "He left me a message crying saying 'Dad, I don't want you to die,'" he says.

Nacho Vidal, in a promotional event

The interpreter also takes the opportunity to report the bullying he suffered on social networks after his HIV infection was made public. He suffered a "bullying harassment" on social networks: "They said" die "... they gloated. It is very strong. There are people in this industry who have suffered this harassment and have committed suicide ... and if I were not as strong as I am I could possibly have killed myself . "

Nacho Vidal ends his story by announcing that he will undergo live analysis to prove that he does not have AIDS. "I will put some images taking blood live so you can see that Nacho Vidal, as much as it hurts, does not have AIDS," he said.

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