Former FBI Secretary Memo offer rule violation US Department of Justice report August 30 15:50

The US Department of Justice did not prosecute the US Federal Ministry of Justice, the former Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who investigated the allegations of Russia in the United States, and provided the proper storage of official documents. We published a report that it was a violation. President Trump wrote and criticized Twitter immediately: “No one would have been blamed hard like this report.”

When Mr. Comy, the FBI director, was investigating the allegations of Russia, he provided a friend with a note of a conversation that President Trump said, “I want you to leave this matter,” about the former aide being investigated. However, President Trump claimed that it was illegal to leak confidential information and demanded investigation.

On this day, a Justice Ministry inspector released a 79-page report summarizing the findings. The report pointed out that no evidence was found that Mr. Comy provided classified information to the news media, and that the Department of Justice did not prosecute.

On the other hand, it was concluded that the memo was not an individual's personal, but an FBI document, and that it was a violation of the FBI and FBI rules that established the proper storage of official documents.

About this, President Trump has immediately criticized Twitter saying `` There will be no one who was blamed hard like this report '', but the American media points out that President Trump's claim was not accepted The