On June 7, the police received an alarm about an explosion in central Linköping. The explosion occurred in a five-storey house with, among other things, housing, business premises and a preschool. About 20 people were lightly injured. The bomb is believed to have been placed in a box bike.

A few months later, on August 19, a stolen moped exploded in a police warehouse.

In both cases, it may be dynamite, the police write in a press release. It shows a result from the National Forensic Center (NFC).

- We have been told that there should be an indication of dynamite at both of these sites. That this is the type of explosive that may have been used, says Deputy Inspector John Skoog, at Grova crime in Linköping, to TV3's Wanted.

Publishes image on moped helmet

It could be the same perpetrator of both explosions, he says.

- Given that it is the same type of explosive and that the events have happened in close proximity to each other in time, one of the working hypotheses is that it can be the same perpetrator, he says.

The police now also go out with a picture of a helmet that the driver left behind in connection with the police seizing the moped.

- The moped that exploded on Brigadgatan was stolen May 26 sometime between 12.00 and 16.30 at Ryds Allé in Linköping. We are interested in observations from Ryds Allé at the time of the crime, says John Skoog in the press release.