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The Korean daughter Moon Jae-in's entourage over the entourage of the president, the daughter of the entourage illegally enrolled in the university, and illegally received a scholarship ...

Allegations of fraud near the Korean president's side

The Korean prosecutor Moon Jae-in ’s entourage was also accused of illegally enrolling in college, and the prosecution on 29th. Forcibly investigated the office of the mayor of Busan as a related party.

The Korean prosecutor Moon Jae-in, who announced that he will be appointed as the Minister of Justice, has been suspected of illegally enrolling his daughter into the prestigious Koryo University, and the prosecution has started a forced investigation.

Furthermore, the suspicion that the same daughter had illegally received a scholarship at a medical graduate school at Busan University has been questioned, and the prosecution is on the morning of 29th as one of the related parties. Forced investigation into the mayor's office.

Mayor Oh, a former member of the ruling parliament, served as a minister in the Roh Moo-hyun administration in the past and supported the administration at that time together with President Moon, who was a senior official at Cheong Wa Dae.

According to the prosecution, the graduate professor who decided to provide the scholarship was later appointed by the mayor of Oh as the director of the municipal hospital and is investigating the relationship with the scholarship payment.

On May 29, O mayor posted on Facebook “The truth will be clear. Do n’t worry about the citizens,” denying the link with suspicion.

In Seoul on the 28th night, college students are holding a rally to criticize Cho, and it has been pointed out that there is a possibility that it will affect the administration of the future.

Jo Guk (* so * country * two vertical lines *)

What is the allegation over Mr. Cho?

Mr. Cho, who announced that President Moon will be appointed as a new minister, is said to have made opaque investments and asset concealment in the whole family to escape taxes, and daughters illegally entered universities and received scholarships Allegations that have been made are emerging one after another.

In particular, the criticism of young people in South Korea, which has a severe educational background, is a suspicion about Cho's daughter.

According to the Korean media, Cho's daughter was a high school student in a medical paper published in 2008, and it was revealed that she was named at the top of the co-author. In 2010, he passed the prestigious Koryo University without a written examination.

The daughter then went to a medical graduate school at Busan University where Cho was from, and allegations of illegally receiving scholarships for three years were taken and she was forced to investigate Korean prosecutors. Embark on

In this connection, Na Kyungwon ’s representative from the Conservative Largest Opposition Party / Liberal Korean Party said that “Koruk” is the Korean pronunciation of “Motherland”. "I have abandoned my homeland," and criticized the Mun administration for abandoning the comprehensive military information protection agreement = "GSOMIA" with Japan in order to distract the public from allegations over Mr Cho.

About Cho Guk

Mr. Cho, who announced that President Moon will be appointed as the new Minister of Justice, is one of his closest neighbors.

Cho is 54 years old from Southern Busan.

After graduating from the prestigious Faculty of Law at Seoul National University, taking a Ph.D. in graduate school, he taught as a professor at his alma mater.

On the other hand, he actively participated in the democratization movement, had a neat face and 180 cm tall, and gained popularity mainly among young people as an innovative controversy.

In May, when the Mun administration was established, Cho, who was a professor at Seoul National University, assumed the position of Chief of Civil Affairs in charge of the judicial organization in Cheong Wa Dae.

The chief of civil affairs was a key post that formerly served as President Muhn in the Roh Moo-hyun administration, and Cho supported the president for two years until last month.

Mr. Cho also showed one side of the hard-line Japan, such as severely criticizing the Japanese government, which strengthened export control to South Korea, and calling for “counterattack”.

President Mun announced that he would appoint Cho who had returned to Seoul National University professor as a new Minister of Justice to promote the prosecution reform, which is his promise. There was a view that it was “nominated”.

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