- It burns on the top floor of the house. There is a lot of smoke and flames strike up against the gusts. The rescue service is inside the apartment in question and has started smoking diving and extinguishing, says police spokesperson Evelina Olsson, to SVT News Skåne.

Several people have called in SOS alarm and alarmed about the fire and say it emits smoke from the property. Several units from the emergency services have moved out to fight the fire.

Photo: Mikael Nilsson

Is any person injured?

- There is nothing we know at the moment.

Is the house evacuated?

- I have no information that the house should be evacuated, says Evelina Olsson, the police spokesperson.

Photo: Mikael Nilsson

- You just got into the apartment there and started the extinguishing work. An ambulance was called to the location and another is on its way, says Sofie Schmidt, team leader at SOS alarm.