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Less than a month to the end of the term, the investiture is completely blocked. PSOE and United We can not negotiate, errands are sent through the media and time runs at full speed towards electoral repetition. In this scenario it seems that only a blow of effect could move things. And the eyes are on Pablo Iglesias. The secretary general of Podemos already resigned in July to be part of the Government to force the PSOE to negotiate a coalition and now he could return to Pedro Sánchez in an equally awkward position if he gives a new rudder and says publicly that he accepts the offer of joint government that was officially made in July. To avoid the elections.

This movement begins to be an increasingly strong desire within sectors of Unidos Podemos. Sources of the parliamentary group believe that Iglesias should accept that coalition offer made by the PSOE and renounce the maximums raised recently in a document, where the purple leader remains entrenched in the battle to seize the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of Transition Ecological

The PSOE offer was then a Vice Presidency and three ministries ( Equality , Housing and Health ). But the problem for United We can is that right now this offer is not on the table. Because the PSOE considers that it had the month of July as expiration date. And that Unidos Podemos buried it definitively by rejecting it and not voting in favor of the investiture of Sánchez.


That offer could be accepted but with some minor "tweaks", say these sources, supporters of it. However, Iglesias argued his rejection at that time that they were empty of content. Although finally he was about to accept. It was when he picked up at the last minute during his speech at the Investiture Plenary claiming active employment policies to give the Presidency to Sanchez. However, the socialist leader declined an offer raised in extremis .

That failed negotiation left wounds in the United We may not have healed yet. Then, some partners were unmarked even before Podemos by showing supporters of accepting Sánchez's proposal for a programmatic agreement and not a coalition. Also during that last socialist offer of ministries. To avoid weakness, Iglesias decided to add all his political partners to the team that will face a hypothetical new negotiation with the PSOE in September. The closing of ranks has been publicly sealed, but as members of the confluences recognize "there are diverse positions and sensibilities." And that makes the lava of the volcano always latent.

Differences between partners

Those differences in July with IU and a sector of the commons were settled at a group meeting minutes before the vote. Equo , also a member of the confederal group, made for example a consultation to its bases, in which 69.9% ruled in favor of supporting Pedro Sánchez, while 24.7% were in favor of voting in the opposite direction .

The sources consulted now consider that accepting the July offer could be, in addition, even beneficial in the case of having to go to an electoral repetition and get a more favorable account by which Sanchez would oppose an offer that he had proposed In the eyes of the whole country. It would be to change the step to the PSOE again, because United We could be, according to this story, in a position of greater responsibility to assume resignations in order to avoid new elections.

Not all the actors of Unidos Podemos end up feeling completely comfortable in a scenario of new elections, although internally it begins to be planned for that future. In IU, the preference of certain sectors to put an end to the coalition with Podemos generates friction, while the commons would face new elections with boiling Catalonia as a result of the judgment of the process .

No negotiation climate

It also caused cracks that the dialogue was piloted by Pablo Echenique and Ione Belarra , members of the hard core of Podemos, excluding IU - despite the fact that the Government appealed to Alberto Garzón as a mediator at the last minute - the commons and Galicia in Common . This, in the opinion of some sectors, prevented communicative fluency. In the previous agreement between Sánchez and Iglesias, the budgetary politician who signed in October 2018 in La Moncloa, members of all sectors of United Podemos participated.

On the other hand, the sources consulted at United We can certify that the dialogue environment is bad today with the PSOE and are pessimistic about the possibility of an agreement at the last minute, given that there is not even a "psychological climate of negotiation" because all parties are immovable in their positions.

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