Hong Kong: Protest activity memories spread to young people on August 28 at 7:21

To keep the memory of protests in Hong Kong, the movement of young people carving tattoos, such as umbrella patterns, is likened to the large-scale protest “Rainbow Movement” five years ago.

In Hong Kong, protests have continued for two and a half months over a draft amendment to the ordinance that will allow suspects to be handed over to mainland China.

There is a growing movement of carving tattoos among young people to remember this activity.

Some of the tattoo studios in Hong Kong give free tattoos to young people of their choice, and artist Zada ​​Lam (28) will be protesting more than 200 people over the past two months. It means that the tattoo of the motif which shows is given.

The favorite motif symbolizes Hong Kong five years ago as an umbrella pattern similar to the “Rainbow Movement” that raised the voice of protests by young people over an election to select the Hong Kong government chief executive. It means that there are many flowers called “Bauhinia”.

A guest man who carved two patterns like umbrellas protecting flowers renewed his thoughts on what he had been protesting for when he saw the tattoo. Like what happened, you can't erase anything. There is no regret in carving a tattoo. "