Foreign Minister Kono to talk with Iran's Foreign Minister Exchange of opinions for relaxation of tension August 27, 13:28

Foreign Minister Kono will meet with Iran's Foreign Minister Zaleaf in Yokohama on the afternoon of 27th over the situation of Iran, where tensions with the United States are on the rise. I showed an idea.

Foreign Minister Kono talks about Iran's foreign minister visiting Yokohama in the afternoon of the 27th in the afternoon of Iran, where tensions with the United States are growing at a press conference after the cabinet meeting. I want to do it. "

On top of that, Iran is showing its stance to strengthen uranium enrichment activities in early next month. “Supreme leader Hammenei and President Rouhani have stated that they are not willing to develop nuclear weapons. If there is a certain amount, the amount and ratio are limited, and I would like you to return to the framework defined in the nuclear agreement as soon as possible. ”

At the meeting on the 27th, it is expected that opinions will be exchanged based on the fact that the United States is aiming to form a voluntary alliance to ensure the safety of the Holmes Strait in the Middle East.