In the near future, Russians will be able to indicate work as a volunteer in their resume. According to the Federal Service for Labor and Employment, such an opportunity will appear already in 2020 when posting resumes on the specialized portal of Rostrud “Work in Russia”.

“The experience of volunteering is very important and is a strong feature of the applicant. Therefore, it is planned to integrate the “Volunteers of Russia” system with our portal “Work in Russia”, said Denis Vasiliev, deputy head of Rostrud.

According to the official, in 2020, a special mark will appear in the resume template on this site, where users will be able to report on their volunteer experience.

It is noted that the base of vacancies “Work in Russia” is a state information-analytical system intended for employment. Currently, over 1.5 million vacancies are available on this site for job seekers for citizens of all ages verified by the department. The portal accumulates offers from employment centers, major commercial sites for job search and selection, as well as directly from the employers themselves.

Commenting on the latest report from Rostrud, Oleg Babich, a member of the Council of the Confederation of Labor of Russia, expressed an opinion in an interview with RT that applicants with experience in volunteering may be needed primarily by employers who deal with the social sphere.

“For example, any work related to communication with people, with the social sphere. That is, in industries where in fact people will perform similar functions, but already for wages. Of course, the similar experience that the applicant has will be important for such employers. But, obviously, if the employer needs, for example, a turner, then the experience of volunteering will not play a positive or negative role, ”said the expert.

Support for volunteering in Russia

Recall that at the end of 2018, the government approved the Concept for the development of volunteering in Russia until 2025. The document sets the main directions for the development of volunteering and is designed to provide its support at all levels of the state and society.

In particular, the Concept involves the reduction of certain taxes for volunteer organizations, the provision of subsidies, information and property support. Businesses are encouraged to include volunteer activities in their “social responsibility” projects. It is also envisaged to create a unified information system in the field of development of volunteerism.

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In late July, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) reported that the so-called standard for supporting volunteerism in the regions of Russia was implemented by 74%, and this program was fully implemented in 12 constituent entities of the Federation. In fact, we are talking about a set of measures developed by the organization for better regulation and promotion of volunteering in the Russian Federation - based on domestic and foreign experience.

According to the ASI, effective voluntary activity in Russia is hampered by the lack of a clear legislative definition of the term “volunteer”, as well as the low level of public awareness of such initiatives. In addition, the problems are the lack of travel and food benefits for volunteers, transparent mechanisms for contacts with the state. Mention is also made of difficulties with access to premises and various means necessary for volunteering.

The volunteer support standard consists of nine steps that regions need to take to meet its requirements. For the most part, they involve the resolution of the above problems, including the adoption of measures to financially and infrastructurally support volunteerism, as well as popularize volunteerism.

Currently, the Russian regions have implemented 562 of the 765 steps to implement the standard of volunteering support, and the process is moving quite quickly. “Over the month, the overall rate of implementation of the standard improved by 6% - the constituent entities of the Russian Federation advanced 43 steps,” the organization’s website said.

We add that 2018 was declared in Russia as the “Year of the Volunteer”. According to the head of state, Vladimir Putin, this should be “recognition of the merits ... (of the volunteers. - RT ) to the people, to the simplest citizens” whom the volunteers provide assistance and support, and the assessment of their “colossal contribution to the development of the country”.

At the end of the year, significant results were achieved in the field of volunteering. In particular, according to research by the Public Opinion Foundation, over the year the number of people participating in volunteer activities increased from 7 to 14 million people, and the values ​​of volunteering are shared by 34% of adult citizens of Russia.