Biarritz (AFP)

France and the United States have reached an agreement on the French tax on the digital giants, providing for its reimbursement to businesses after the introduction of an international tax, said Emmanuel Macron.

The G7 countries have taken steps to introduce an international tax on Gafa in 2020 and that day France will "abolish" its tax and refund the companies their payment in the form of a deduction on the new tax. he explained to the press.

"There is a lot of nervousness on this famous French digital tax.I think we found a very good agreement," said the head of the French state at a joint press conference with Donald Trump.

"There are very unfair situations, some actors do not pay taxes, it is not against this or that company that France wants to implement this tax but to solve the international problem," he said. .

"We have agreed to find an agreement in 2020 to reform international taxation in the framework of the OECD", he confirmed, "and to get out of the difficulties between us, the day when this international taxation" will be implemented. instead, "France will eliminate any tax project and all that has been paid will be deducted from this international tax," he said.

Just before arriving at the G7 Biarritz, Donald Trump had threatened to tax French wines, in retaliation for the French tax, which strikes especially American groups like Amazon or Apple.

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