The night before an important run, do you sleep well? Yes, I sleep well. If until nap I sleep. I find it harder to sleep after bullfighting. And is he usually in a good mood? Can you talk to him, joke? It depends. On major run days there is a vague concern that is in everything. Everything bothers a little. There is a moment of thinking: "How did I get into this mess?" Yes. Well, I don't know if that phrase is exactly what you think, but in the gang yard, there comes a time when you have a bad time, when you think about everything. Is fear a feeling that is all the time or Does it happen suddenly at a specific moment? It is always and is present in specific moments. In the horse yard, for example. It also happens to me when I wake up from the nap, at the time when it takes you a little to become aware of where you are and then you you remember that in two hours you have to fight ... There is a second of thinking, why do I have to do this? And then there are times when, you don't know why, the same spark comes to you. As Belmonte said, fear comes to see you and you have to talk to him. Does one prepare to speak with fear? Belmonte explained it perfectly. Actually, it is not fear that speaks, but the negative conscience that tells you "the bull will catch you, you will not be able to." What you have to do is respond with the positive conscience that says "you've already done it other times, you know how to do it, you know the trade perfectly". And in the fight, do you make conscious decisions or is it all a letting go, a reverie? Is that in order to get carried away you have to make very rational and very fast decisions. They have to be snapshots. And that is only achieved through the knowledge of the bull, having seen a lot of bull. There is a phrase that I like: you have to have a lot of technique to forget about it, it is the same. Do you remember all the bulls? Yes. Of almost everyone. The good day of Seville this year ... Did you arrive in the square with good mood, more optimistic? Yes. I woke up from the nap, went out for a jog and saw that my body was fitted and that I wanted to fight. And I realized the contrast with the previous weeks, which had been of loneliness, fear and worry. How long did it take to know that the bull was good? Nothing. At the first pass, and at the end, were you aware of the value of what you have done or did you need someone to give you a note? The bullfighter is the most aware of the value of his work. Forever. At every flip, before finishing it, I already know if it is good or bad. Has it happened a lot to meet a very good bull and know that he has not been up to it? A lot of bullfighting happened to me. It took me a hard time to dominate my mind and that's how I spent a few afternoons ... It's not like they were stuttering but I know I couldn't master them. It happened to me in Seville and in Madrid too. What was the problem? Concentration, vertigo? The problem was that I didn't find a balance between what I wanted to do as a bullfighter and what the public demands of a bullfighter. Well, it's not what the public demands but what I thought he demanded: delivery, you win ... I didn't know how to find the middle ground between my idea of ​​bullfighting and what I thought people applaud. Does the audience disturb you? Does a scream from the laying deconcentrate you? An unpleasant voice may make you doubt, but you have to be strong about that, remember what I said before, that you know better than anyone the value of your work. Is it punished long after a disappointing afternoon? Yes. That is the hardest of all. Knowing that you have not been at the level, that the pressure has overcome you ... That is the worst. I think he was doing physical training this morning. I was walking, is what I do on the morning of the days of running. So I disconnect a little. How fit is it? As a competitive athlete or as any boy of his age who goes to the gym and takes care of himself? I think something is about halfway. I also don't need to be stronger. What bullfighting demands is resistance, especially. three kilos more muscle, would you fight worse? I think he would lose agility. But I only speak for myself. I know there are bullfighters who are helped by gym work, even to have moral strength. Then he goes to the computer, puts videos of Antonio Bienvenida and sees a small man with a gut. There are great figures of bullfighting who did not step on a gym. Do you see a lot of old bullfighting? Yes. I like it very much. What do you like? I like to discover the personality so different from each bullfighter. It is not that they were better or worse, but that they were all different. Each one faithful to his style, all different. What is implied in that answer is that now everyone is equal. Good but the same. Bullfighters are more prepared than ever, they have the technique more refined than ever and they do things to the bulls that had never been done before. And I think the bull is also bigger than ever, more fierce. Maybe there is less variety because there is more preparation. And bullfighting in 2019? Do you see much? Much. I love it, I admire all my colleagues. I see them all far above me, I don't know why, and I try to learn from them. In the alley, do bulls look good or is one too focused on their own? You see them, you see them. Because you always learn something and because it is important to be in the run. Well, the bull that comes out after mine I see less because there the head is still spinning. And when a colleague is doing very well, he thinks: what do I do now so as not to look bad? You think more from the outside than from the inside. From the inside you have to trust, wait for the moment and the thing to flow. Is it competitive? With myself. Do you have bullfighter friends? Yes. Alfonso Cadaval and Rafa Serna are important friends. And what do your friends always do? Many, to the countryside, to livestock. There is one that represents a beverage brand, another is an engineer, one works in jewelry ... Does anyone have to see bulls with antipathy? Even those who were more indifferent have become fond of friendship. So, you don't often see yourself having to explain why it is worth the party to exist? Rarely has someone come to debate me. And when I have found in that situation, I have been able to talk respectfully.

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