August 26, 2019The agents of the Cremona State Police carried out a precautionary custody order in the community against three minors belonging to the "Cremona Dissing" group, which organized brawls and beatings via the web on which they then celebrated their exploits. The three are held responsible for an attack on 12 June, during a party open to the public at the Canottieri Bissolati Company. A group of seven boys committed a robbery, they tried another and attacked some participants of the evening, all minors. Four others, two adults and two minors, are suspects.

Other arrests by the carabinieri were carried out last June. The agents accurately reconstructed the dynamics of each of the four assaults with threats, beatings or injuries unleashed for futile reasons before, during and after the party. Near the restaurant a boy was surrounded and attacked with slaps and fists. During the evening, then, one of the victims was kicked and punched only for dropping a chair, while another one was slapped in the back of the neck for no reason. Finally, at the end of the party, three boys were chased by the group that threatened them to beat them up.

What happened that evening was the subject of some posts on Instagram, with which the members of the group celebrated their exploits, boasting also that they had the party interrupted. During the searches carried out by the Public Prosecutor's Office for Brescia Juveniles, the clothes worn by the three minors were found and seized.