Over the weekend, Missing people, without success, searched for the 80-year-old man from Malå municipality who had disappeared since the beginning of August.

Now the organization is urging hunters in the area to keep their eyes open. Next week the moose hunt will start and already many people are staying in forest and land and in social media hunters are now invited to be vigilant of any finds that can be linked to the disappearance.

- In connection with the hunt, there are a lot of people out in the woods and land. We urge you to keep your eyes open and report to the police if you find something that can be linked to the disappearance, says Magdalena Nordsvan.

Missing people are planning for additional search efforts, but at present there is no date nailed.

- We compile areas where we have already searched and plan for the next scaling, when we nailed the date we go out on social media. We will continue as long as relatives want us to look, concludes the North Swan.